Large Size CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutters

FCX448 - Single Block CNC Foam Cutter 50" x 50" x 100"

FCX848 - 2 Blocks CNC Foam Cutter      100" x 50" x 100" 

FCX1248 - 3 Blocks CNC Foam Cutter    150" x 50" x 100"  

Large Cutters can be used for Building, Construction, Crown Moldings, packaging, Surfboards, Stand-up Paddle boards and Large Signs

FCX844 Single Block Hot Wire Foam Cutter
FCX844 Single Block Hot Wire Foam Cutter
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FCX848 Double Block CNC hot wire foam cutter
FCX848 Double Block CNC hot wire foam cutter
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Our FCX line of Automatic Hot Wire CNC Foam cutters are designed to be set up and working in less than one hour. All cutting software is included, pre-installed on the computer and also includes more than 200 cutting shapes. Online training from our facility is included free of charge, and usually takes two hours. We install a webcam that enables us to remotely see the machine thus we can provide real time feedback and "on site" support.
Most of our customers start cutting in 2-3 hours after recieving their machines.
The FCX448 and FCX848 are shipped from stock.
The FCX1248 is custom cutter order.
The foam cutters come with 1-2 hot wires and can be ordered with upto 12 wires at additional cost.
The foam cutters are used for building, construction, insulation, architectural shapes, facades, props, signs and exhibits.

Machine Specifications :

  • Accuracy: 0.01"

  • Number of wires: 2 (can be upgraded to 3 wires)

  • Cutting Wire included: 40 feet

  • Computer + Monitor and all software are included.

  • True 4 axis - will cut tapered cuts (one side is different than the other).

  • Motors: 4 independent stepper motors - High Torque - 640oZ*Inch, NEMA23.

  • System Power requirements: 110V or 220V single phase 2000W max

  • Warranty: 2 Year on mechanics 1 year on electronics.

  • Assembly time: Less than one hour

  • Software: CAD/CAM + Mach3 - included

  • Unlimited phone and email support with remote webcam.

  • Shipments: Shipped via freight

  • Return Policy

Pricing :
FCX448   -  Single block foam cutter  -   50" x 50" x 100" -   $20,000
FCX848   -  Two block foam cutter     - 100" x 50" x 100" -   $26,000
FCX1248 -  Three block foam cutter  - 150" x 50" x 100" -   $30,000

***Prices do not include freight shipping - Contact us to receive a quote