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CNC Hot Wire Foam Sign Cutters

SC5542 CNC Sign Cutter 55" x 42" x 9"

Foam Cutters designed especially for the sign industry, meant for cutting signs, logo, letters, props, billboards, backboards, displays, decor and art work

The SC5542 sign cutter is a cost effective hot wire foam cutter, designed especially for the sign industry.
The machine is light weight and can be stored away when not in use.
55" effective cutting on the X axis (Horizontal)
42" effective cutting on the Y axis (vertical) - 9" wire length. 
Thickest foam sheet that can be cut is 9"
Largest sheets that can be cut at one time is 55" x 42"

The machine cuts signs, logos, letters, props, dimensional signs.

  • 3/4" Ground and polished steel rod assembly.

  • 3/4" ball screws on all axis

  • Accuracy: 0.01"

  • Cutting Wire included: 20 feet

  • Motors: 3 independent stepper motors - High Torque - 220oZ*Inch, NEMA23.

  • System Power requirements: 110V single phase 300W max

  • Warranty: 2 Year on mechanics, 1 year on electronics.

  • Setup time: less than 20 min (machine is shipped fully assembled).

  • Software - DevFoam software included.

  • Win10 PC with monitor and all software installed is included with purchase. Machine is all setup and ready to run.

  • Return Policy

SC5542 - $7500

  • Cutting speed: 30"/min

  • Fully assembled and tested.

  • Win10 PC + Monitor + Software (Included)

  • 2 hours of online remote training is included with purchase.

***Prices do not include freight shipping - Contact us to receive a quote

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