Foam Recycling

Foamlinx is offering EPS foam recycling services to our Bay Area customers, serving Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo counties. We accept drop off only!

We use our densifier machine to melt the foam, reducing it by more than 96% of its original volume. 
It is them mixed wit other materials to make new ones, never end up in the landfills.


We charge $10 for a 30gl CLEAR bag of EPS (Styrofoam) or $5 for each foam box / cooler

We accept ONLY EPS (Styrofoam / Polystyrene) the white beaded packaging foam for recycling

(foam peanuts CANNOT be accepted).

Foam should be placed in a clear 30gl bag,

large pieces can be brought loose.

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See our Densifier Melting Machine in action




Finance Available


Tel:    1-408-454-6163 

Free: 1-866-664-9311

Fax:   1-408-212-8348

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