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Foamlinx Announcing Major Production and Equipment Expansion to Benefit Props, Signs and Prototyping Industries
Foamlinx Announcing Major Production and Equipment Expansion to Benefit Props, Signs and Prototyping Industries

Foamlinx LLC, A California based company designing and manufacturing CNC foam cutters announces its plans to expand its production and equipment to serve larger variety of industries. The expansion plan involves a recent purchase of a 5'x10'x3' and 8'x16'x4' CNC router machines. The company plans to acquire more routers sizes in the near future, additional large 3D printers as well as a new line of CNC sign cutters.

CNC router WeCutFoam
Foamlinx LLC Invests in large CNC Routers to Support the Growing Demand for Prototyping Services

Foamlinx LLC, a California based company has extended its services to include foam prototyping and 3D printing. The company has purchased new machinery, mainly large CNC routers up to 16ft to assist customers in prototyping process, designing new products or modifying changes to existing products.

Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Fabricating Elytron's Innovative VTOL Aircraft Prototype

Foamlinx and WeCutFoam have created a prototype VTOL two-seater modern aircraft for Elytron LLC, combining abilities of a helicopter with characters of an airplane, with vertical lift off capabilities.

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Whispering Dishes5.jpg
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Fabricating the Whispering Dishes, Living Innovative Zone (LIZ) Exhibit in San Francisco

Foamlinx and WeCutFoam have have collaborated with The Exploratorium Museum and the City of San Francisco to fabricate a street exhibit on Market Street in San Francisco. The display, called “Whispering Dishes”, is San Francisco’s first Living Innovation Zone (LIZ) exhibit.

This is one of ten new Living Innovation Zones Exhibits that the City of San Francisco is planning on placing on the sidewalks, to serve as new dynamic and interactive public spaces.

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BAMScape Exhibit
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Collaborates with Berkeley Art Museum to Fabricate BAMScape Exhibit

WeCutFoam, a subsidiary of Foamlinx and Berkeley Art Museum work together to produce BAM newest exhibit, called BAMscape. Architect in charge form BAM was Thom Faulder. The result is a 1550sf interactive furniture-like sculpture.

Oscar de la Renta Exhibit
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Collaborate with Kevin Daly Architects to Fabricate Decor for Oscar de La Renta Exhibits at de Young Museum

Foamlinx and WeCutFoam have collaborated with Kevin Daly Architects to produce foam props, decor and settings for Oscar de la Renta Retrospective Exhibit at de Young Museum in San Francisco, CA, celebrating 50 years of the designer's life achievements.

Avatar Robot Prop Sculpture
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Specializing in Custom Foam Props for the Entertainment Industry

WeCutFoam, a subsidiary of Foamlinx LLC, is proud to announce that it is offering its full services to any company in the entertainment industry. The services include CNC hot wire foam cutting, CNC router machining, carving, sanding, shaping, molding and painting for the purpose of creating props, floats, artwork, decor and facades

Foamlinx WeCutFoam Wedding Prop
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Creating Full Scale Foam Props, Sets and Decor for Sean Parker's Wedding Extravaganza

WeCutFoam, a foam cutting services company, has created custom made foam props for a celebrity Medieval themed wedding in Big Sur, CA. The foam props included 60ft wide castle ruins, dragon sculptures, oversize planters props, 16ft tall Celtic Cross, all large scale

Candy Land Exhibit for Ice Cream Museum
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Fabricating Exhibits and Decor for Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco and Miami

WeCutFoam has collaborated with the newly opened Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco to design and fabricate hard coated floor exhibit for their "Candy Land" Room in SF, as well as foam props exhibits and décor for their Miami museum.

Small Foam Cutter Kit
Foamlinx LLC Announces a Specialty Line of Foam Cutters for Cake Makers and Event Planners

Foamlinx LLC announces a specialty line of CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutters Packages, suitable for cake designers and decorators. These are CNC hot wire foam cutting machines that come as kits. This enables any cake maker to cut fake cakes for any event by using computer-controlled machinery instead of manual cutting.

Foamlinx WeCutFoam Halloween Backdrop
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Announcing the Addition of 3D Props for Halloween Haunted Houses for Their Services

Foamlinx and WeCutFoam are focusing on specialty props for holidays among their many services they provide. The props can be used as Halloween haunted houses, Thanksgiving decorations, stage settings for theaters and school plays, photographer’s background, school graduations, classrooms sets, decorations for events and much more.

Foamlinx Introduces Custom Made CNC Routers for 3D Foam Modeling

Foamlinx LLC, a designer and manufacturer of CNC hot wire foam cutting machines launches custom-made CNC router systems for machining 3D foam models, props, sculptures, monuments, architectural shapes, displays and more.

Foamlinx Sign Foam Cutter
Foamlinx Providing Affordable Cutting Solution to the Sign Industry

Foamlinx LLC designed a specialized line of CNC hot wire foam cutting machines to help the sign industry in lowering costs and time for cutting signs, letters and logos from EPS, XPS and EPP foam. Foam cutters come in 4 different sizes ranging from 3’ x 2’ x 1’ and up to 8’ x 4’ x 3’ to provide a solution for sign makers.

Foamlinx Polyurea Spraying
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Announcing New Service - Polyurea Spray Coating for Foam Signs and Props

WeCutFoam, offering foam cutting services is expanding its business to include polyurea spray coating. This plastic-like type of coating is hard yet durable, suitable for props, signs, crown moldings protecting from break damage or weather corrosion

Foamlinx Large Sign Cutting
Foamlinx LLC, A Manufacturer of Foam Cutting Machinery is Now Offering Foam Cutting Services

A Silicon Valley based company, designer, manufacturer and distributor of CNC cutting equipment is now offering foam cutting services due to the vast growing demand for machining and fabrication of foam.


WeCutFoam, a foam cutting services company in Silicon Valley, CA is expanding its services to include fabrication of illuminated letters, logo, characters and signs. The illuminated letters and signs are created with LED back lights with halo effects or with front marquee-like lights.

Vinyl wrapped Logo
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Expanding their Services to Include Vinyl Signs and Logos

WeCutFoam, a custom foam cutting, machining and Prototyping Company in Silicon Valley is offering a new service to its customer. The company is now creating and fabricating vinyl signs and logo. The vinyl can be printed to any size, shape and color and can be adhered to any foam project. This add on service will enable its customers to promote their businesses creating custom graphics on indoor and outdoor signs, lobby signs, stage letters, trade show displays and more.

Oversize foam letler
Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Now Offering Fabrication of Giant Oversize Foam Letters, As Large As 10ft or More

WeCutFoam, a Silicon Valley maker of custom signs, logo, letters, props and exhibits is now offering fabrication of giant oversized foam letters, as large as 10ft or more

Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Introducing Combo of 2D Vinyl Wrapped Sign with 3D Props Objects

WeCutFoam, a Silicon Valley fabricator of custom signs, logo, letters, props and exhibits is expanding its products line to include 2D vinyl wrapped foam signs combines with 3D protruding objects embedded.

Foamlinx Foam Melting Machine
Foamlinx Collaborates with Bay Area Recycling Company to Provide Custom Foam Recycling Services

Foamlinx LLC, a Silicon Valley based company, manufacturer of CNC foam cutting machinery is expanding its business to include custom foam recycling programs and services. The company has teamed up with, an environmentally green recycling company to offer EPS foam drop off for recycling at its Sunnyvale, CA facility.

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