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We Recycle

We now offer Foam Recycling Services

foam recycle
We charge $10 for a 30gl CLEAR bag of EPS (styrofoam), or $5 for each foam cooler.

We offer foam recycling services for companies and individuals in our Sunnyvale Branch.
We accept only EPS (Expanded Polystyrene, Foam#6), packing foam.
Please place your foam in a clear bag. We charge $10 for a 30gl bag.
Foam should be dry and clean of any debris, without food or nails.
Please call prior to drop off at 408-454-6163.
For more details, please visit our Foam Recycling Website at


EPS Hot Melting Recycling Machine

Price - $15,000 (not including shipping)

Machine Size - 60" x 60"
Weight - 1800lbs
Machine Voltage - 3x220v
Capacity - 100lbs/hr
Opening - 12" x 15"
Heating Power - 3kw
Main Motor Power - 5.5kw

Foam Recycling Machine Foam Recycling Machine

EPS Densified Melted Foam

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