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We Recycle

We now offer Foam Recycling Services

foam recycle

FoamLinx collaborates with one of the Bay Area's leading Recycling Companies.

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For more information please give us a call at 408 454 6163

Foam Shredders

Specifications :

foam shreaders

FSH1213 Front opening: 12" x 13" bead size: 9mm.
The FSH Foam shredder will shred EPS foam from 1LB to 2.5LB.

Have lots of unused EPS foam ? Need to get rid of it or easy storage ?
Keep it green with recycling your EPS foam. The shredded material can be used to mix with cement, place in beanies babies - or other toys and even Bean Cushion Price: $4500

We also carry Polyurethane and Polyethylene foam shredders