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Foamlinx- About Us

Foamlinx LLC, established in Silicon Valley, CA in 2001 is a designer and manufacturer of CNC foam cutting equipment. We offer CNC hot wire foam cutters, CNC routers, Sign Cutters, CNC laser cutters and custom machines to a wide variety of industries.

Our machines are used in Aerospace and Aeronautics, Research and Prototyping, Building and Construction, Architecture, Packaging, Sign Shops, Hobby Shops, Marine, Museums, Universities, Theme Parks and many more. They are used for creating props, signs, logo, letters, art work, packaging material, insulation, architectural shapes, wing, plugs, cores, UAVs parts, ships, boats, canoes and aircraft parts, composites, molds and prototypes.

We are constantly growing and expanding our equipment and services. We recently added 3D printers to our equipment line and will be offering a new line of low cost CNC Sign Cutters in spring 2016.
We pride ourselves with supplying cost effective machines and solutions to our customers, while providing excellent lifelong customer service and support.
Our machines are designed for continuous use, accompanies by accuracy, precision and durability, all at a low cost. All of our foam cutters are easy to assemble and use with most being operational in less than an hour.

We ship anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide, providing remote set-up and training from our California facility, or training and tutorial at our customers' location.
We put our customers' satisfaction above all and believe that a happy customer is the key to any business success.

Foamlinx has recently teamed up with a Bay Area recycling company offering a variety of foam to be recycled, including Styrofoam, packing foam, mattress foam and insulation foam. FoamRecycle offers services such as shredders, densifiers and compactors rentals as well as in house recycling or transportation to the customer for foam recycling pick up.

Foamlinx LLC
1248 Birchwood drive,
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Tel : (408) 454-6163
Fax : (408) 212-8348
Toll Free : 1 866 664 9311