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                       FCX448 Automatic 4 Axis foam cutter

The FCX448 Automatic Hot Wire CNC Foam cutter is designed to cut 4x4x8 blocks of foam. Heavy duty machine designed for a 24 hour continuous operations.
4 feet effective cutting on the X axis (Horizontal) 4 feet effective cutting on the Y axis (vertical)
8 feet wire length.
Machine shipped partly assembled. both X and Y axis come fully assembled. User must mount the Y axis on top of the X axis.
Machine comes with a built in table in which the foam is placed.
The built in table can be seen in the picture below (black in color)
Uses: Architectural products, packaging, modelers, Moldings, amusement parks, Aeronautical departments in universities and collages.

Hot Wire power supply: 1500W will heat up to 8'
Belt Driven X axis, Acme screw driven Y axis.
Accuracy: 0.01"
Cutting Wire included: 200 feet
Cutting speed: 26"/min
Jog speed: 100"/min.
True 4 axis - can cut tapered cuts.
Motors: 4 independent micro stepping stepper motors - High Torque.
CAD software: Included - preinstalled with sample shapes.
Computer: Included, WinXP - cutting software pre-installed.
Software: Import DXF file formats, 4 independent axis control (included)
Power: 110V single phase 1500W
6 wire version available at 3500W 220V
Assembly time: 2-3 Hours.
Warranty: 2 Mechanics, 1 year computer and electronics
More than 200 shapes ready to cut in DXF format

Return policy

Availability:  in stock
Shipment:   30 working days after receiving payment.
Pricing::       www.foamlinx.com

                  XPS foam cutting with polyurethane coating
                               Click here for the video

The above picture is of the FCX848, the FCX448 has a 4' X axis length




70 shapes on one block of foam