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Custom Hot Wire Foam Cutters

CNC Hot Wire foam cutter 12x6x12

 12' x 6' x 12' CNC Foam Cutter with 12 wires

FoamLinx specializes in custom foam cutting machines for EPS, EPP, XPS, Rigid and soft polyurethane. We also design and manufacture laser cutting machines for large scale cutting - up to 5' x 12' with laser power up to 500W. Custom foam cutters can include a combination of CNC hot wire foam cutter and a CNC router feature. Some of our machines are larger than 30' in length and 9' in height. Custom machines usually ship within 90 to 120 days depending on the complexity of the machine. All of our machines are CNC (controlled by a computer) and include computer, monitor and cutting software.

  custom EPS foam cutter

 12' x 5' x 10' Custom Foam Cutter

* No returns accepted on Custom Machinery.