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Custom CNC Routers for 3D Foam Milling and Machining

Foamlinx CNC Router

Our CNC Routers will machine EPS, XPS, EPP, Polyurethane tooling foam 4-60 lbs/ft³, acrylics, MDF and wood.


All of our CNC routers are used for prototyping and molding props, mock-ups, molds, signs, architectural shapes and any 3Dshapes.
All of our CNC router tables are built to order with sizes ranging from 4' x 4' x 6" to 24' x 8' x 50" (3 and 4 axis). Some machines include a hot wire add-on, some include a vacuum hold down with dust collector and 3D scanner.

Foanlinx we cut foam

Click here to see some of our machines on our youtube channel.

Training includes G code generation, basic drawing tools, milling tool selection, rotation and slicing, foam coating materials and process (including samples)

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