29" x 12"     Foam Cutter

39" x 20"     Foam Cutter

55" x 39"     Foam Cutter

55" x 55"     Foam Cutter

48" x 24"     Foam Cutter

4' x 4' x 8'    Foam Cutter 

8' x 4' x 8'    Foam Cutter 

12' x 4' x 8'  Foam Cutter

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CNC Router tables for EPS, XPS foam machining

We carry a few sizes of CNC router tables for machining foam.
Our machines will machine EPS foam - 1LB to 3LB
XPS foam, EPP foam and Polyurethane foam.

Most of our machines are custom built based on the customer's
requests and specifications

4' x 8' x 6" CNC router with liquid cooled spindle (3HP)

5' x 10' x 25" CNC router with two 5HP liquid cooled spindles

Machining a concrete retaining wall template with a 1.5" tool

Custom CNC foam router 4' x 8' x 15" with liquid cooled spindle

8' Totam Pole machined from 1LB EPS foam - before and after picture

5' x 5' x 6" CNC Router with 2HP liquid cooled spindle

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Topographic Maps


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