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FoamLinx Technologies
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   CNC cutting machine for rigid and flexible
polyurethane foam

Polyurethane CNC foam cutter - CNC 96" x 48" x 48" (L x W x H)

Computerized CNC Polyurethane foam cutter utilizing the braided wire.
Designed to cut soft polyurethane foam - mattress foam types including memory foam.
The machine is also capable of cutting semi rigid foams - floral foam and insulation foam

Polyurethane CNC foam cutter - CNC 56" x 38" x 30" (L x W x H)
Fast wire technology,
Will cut Soft, semi rigid Polyurethane foams - including memory foam
Also cuts EPS, XPS, EPE, EPP - Polyethylene foams and polyester fiber

Click here for Video - CNC Polyurethane foam cutter - Cutting Polyester fiber



Vertical Foam Cutter - Polyurethane

Max length for foam block 8'
Max  width of foam block  5'
Max  height  of foam block  4.5'
Cutting speed     6'/min
Tolerance   0.07"
Wiring cutting length   26'
machine length 14.3'
Machine width    9.2'
Machine height 12.4'
Machine weight 6850LBS
Availability 30 days
Warrantee 1Year
Power 3x220V 8KW
Dust collector Not needed
Blade tensioning Manual
Training and installation 2 day on site included
Price Call (408)-454-6163 

Click here for Video - Vertical Polyurethane Foam Cutter



Polyurethane Carrousel Horizontal Foam Saw

Click here for Video

Max length for foam block 10'  
Max  width of foam block  6'
Max  height  of foam block  5'  
Cutting speed     Up to 100"/min
Tolerance   0.1"  
Blade cutting length   8'
machine length 25'  
Machine width    27'
Machine height 9'  
Machine weight 6700LBS
Availability 45 Days  
Warrantee 1 Year
Software PLC  
Power 3x220V 10KW  
Dust collector 3x220V 2KW
Training and installation Included in price  
Price $35,000