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Stone  Paint

Stone Paint™ is a water-based paint for internal and external use. It is sprayed in 3 coats and leaves a hardwearing, weather resistant stone effect finish that not only looks like stone, but feels like stone.
Stone Paint™ comes in 3 different granularities
Smooth, Medium and Course

Stone Paint™ can be used in many different ways; old and weathered stone/concrete can be rejuvenated or given a new look, areas such as windowsills and lintels, and even much larger areas of architectural stonework and sidewalk. Restore or alter the appearance of garden ornaments, pots, planters and stone features. It is also a cost effective alternative to dressed stone on larger landscaping projects.

Application: Apply one coat of the primer then overcoat with Stone Paint. Let dry for 24 hours (will dry to touch in about 1 hour) and finish by spraying a final water resistant coat

Stone Paint