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       Foam Coating - Stone Paint
Stone Paint™ is a water-based paint for internal and external use.
It is sprayed in 3 coats and leaves a hardwearing, weather resistant
stone effect finish that not only looks like stone, but feels like stone.
Stone Paint™ comes in 3 different granularities
Smooth, Medium and Course
Stone Paint™ can be used in many different ways; old and weathered
stone/concrete can be rejuvenated or given a new look, areas such as
       windowsills and even larger areas of architectural stonework and sidewalk.
       Restore or alter the appearance of garden ornaments, pots, planters and
       stone features. It is also a cost effective alternative to dressed
stone on
       larger landscaping projects.




Polyurea Foam Spray System
Our Point Spray & Throw Away Cartridge System is the cleanest, easiest way available to spray foam as it requires no complicated machinery, just add air. It’s perfect for shops looking for a low cost spray system. Our cartridge system is the lightest spray-on hybrid polyurea system available, making it ideal for mobile applications where other machines cannot deliver. 
There’s virtually no clean up of the cartridge gun as no materials actually process through the gun when spraying, the material is pushed through the disposable cartridges and air is atomized through the spray tip and the disposable static mixer.
We also offer the interchangeable cartridges in colors, pre-mixed and ready to spray. When changing the colors it’s as simple as changing cartridges. We have 9 standard colors available and we’ll blend custom colors upon request.
Great for
 signage,  themed scenery forms, making concrete molds

Spray Gun - $650
Cartridges - $38 each