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EPS and EPP molding systems

Foam Molding Systems
    FoamLinx has teamed up with the largest EPS machine foam maker in China, and is
    happy to introduce a turn key solution for EPS block foam molding systems.
    FoamLinx installs the foam making system, trains and provides full support for all parts
    in the system.

    We also provide custom and unique solutions for SIP panels and custom panel
    manufacturing with our custom built and designed foam cutters and foam slicers.
    Each and every factory has its own specifications and needs, starting from a floor plan
    and all the way to the manufacturing work-flow.
    Some factories need the foam coated, treated, laminated or even
    machined to a specific contour.


    Why work with us ?
    Buying directly from the manufacture has its down sides:
    The manufacturer usually only sells the foam equipment - the customer on his side
    needs to purchase the other components - Boiler, Steam tank, compressor and so on.
    Finding the exact equipment that is missing may be an issue as well as making sure that
    all pipes, tubing, valves and controllers fit.
    Some countries do not allow or have very strict regulations regarding the import of
    these pieces of equipment. Foamlinx has extensive experience in these situations

    Training is done by Foamlinx personnel in English or Spanish. Our engineers stay at the
    job site till the factory is up and running and producing foam.

    Warranty, spare parts: Foamlinx provides the support, and spare parts if needed.
    Support is done from our Beijing office and /or our California office