29" x 12"     Foam Cutter

39" x 20"     Foam Cutter

55" x 39"     Foam Cutter

55" x 55"     Foam Cutter

48" x 24"     Foam Cutter

4' x 4' x 8'    Foam Cutter 

8' x 4' x 8'    Foam Cutter 

12' x 4' x 8'  Foam Cutter

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FoamLinx Technologies
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Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Tel: (408)-454-6163 
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                                       Custom Machinery

FoamLinx specializes in custom machinery for EPS, EPP, XPS, Rigid and soft polyurethane foam cutting machines.
We also design and manufacture laser cutting machines for large scale cutting - up to 5' x 12' with laser power up to 120W.
We are currently in the manufacturing phase of a large CNC router system that can cut and shape a full size car, RV and boats. The machine has a shaping capability of 24' x 10' x 7' high.

Machines in stock are usually shipped within 10 days.
Custom machines usually ship within 60 to 90 days depending on the complexity of the machine.
All of our machines are CNC (controlled by a computer).
We offer onsite, training and installation for any machine we build.

Some of the custom machine we have built:

Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter with 10 wires 12' x 6' x 12' (L x H x Wire length)
Custom built for a Canadian company

 CNC router with a Hot Wire CNC foam cutter combination for SIPs
    manufacturing. This machine combines a CNC router spindle motor with 4HP
    motor and a 12' x 4' x 10' foam cutter all in the same foot-print.

    Customer: Prototype house (services)

 Large CNC router 20' x 12' x 7'  CNC router AND hot wire foam cutter
    combination, used to cut and route our huge blocks of foam.
    Uses: Cars, boats, surfboards, prototyping....
    Customer: Prototype house (services)

 8' x 8' x 10' (X, Y, and wire length) EPS hot wire foam cutter.
    This machine is a multiple wire foam cutter (up to 13 wires)
    X axis (horizontal) travel is 8', Y axis travel (vertical) is 8'
    Wire length is 10'.
    True 4 axis machine (will cut tapered cuts)

 24' x 5' x 6' (X, Y, and wire length) XPS hot wire foam cutter.
    Multiple wire machine for cutting roof and wall insulations
    Customer: XPS Foam manufacturer

 14' x 6' x 13' (X, Y, and wire length) EPS hot wire foam cutter.
    Multiple wire machine for cutting EPS blocks for SIPs
    Customer: SIPs manufacturer

 12' x 5'   (X, Y, and wire length) CNC Plasma Cutter
     Customer: Our own production facility

 16' x 5' x 8' Hot Wire CNC foam cutter for cutting surfboards, standup boards
     And Canoes (1 man canoe to 6 man canoes)

The above parts were cut using a custom machine we designed and built .
The machine is made of two main parts:
1. A hot wire CNC foam Cutter.
2. A Lathe with a water cooled spindle mounted on the vertical axis.
These parts were used to make epoxy fiberglass molds.

7 wire Hot Wire CNC foam Cutter Machine:
9' x 6' x 10' (X, Y, Wire length)

                                                         Front View

                                                       Rear View

Click here to view a 3 wire machine in action

Horizontal travel: X Axis - 9'
Vertical travel: Y Axis - 6'
Z Axis - wire length - 10'
Number of wires: up to 7 (Vertical or Horizontal)
Power supply 3x220 10KW
Distance between wires: from 1/4" to 48"
Cutting speed: up to 40"/min
Jog speed: up to 150"/min
Weight: 1200LBS
Software: Design + cutting software included
PC: Pent 4 3.0GHz (included)
Delivery: 90 days


Custom CNC Hot Wire Foam cutter
This machine can cut with 10 wires set up horizontal OR vertical
Machine is designed to hold two blocks each 4' x 4' x 8'
Click here for the video


Surfboards up to 12' in length

Large EPS foam Signs

3D logos