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FC2913 Automatic 4 Axis foam cutter
The FC2913 Automatic Foam cutter is a cost effective 4 independent axis foam cutter. The machine is light weight and can be stored away when not in use.
29" effective cutting on the X axis (Horizontal)
12" effective cutting on the Y axis (vertical)
50" wire length.
Used by RC hobbyists, modelers, Moldings, RC kit makers and aeronautical departments in universities and colleges and packaging.

3/8-12 ACME screws on X and Y axis.
1/2" Ground and polished steel rod assembly.
Accuracy: 0.01"
Cutting Wire included: 100 feet
True 4 axis - can cut tapered cuts.
Motors: 4 independent stepper motors - High Torque - 110oZ*Inch, NEMA23.
System Power requirements: 110V single phase 300W max
Warranty: 2 Year on mechanics 1 year on electronics*.
Assembly time: 3 Hours - No soldering or drilling required
Click here to download the assembly manual
Software (not included) - Designed to work with Foamworks
Other software that will run the machine: Mach1, Mach2, Mach3, KCAM....
Shipments: Shipped via UPS total shipping weight 70LBS

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Availability: In stock
Shipment: 10 working days after receiving payment

Option 1 - FC2913L - $2999
Cutting speed: 16"/min
Fully assembled and tested box (as seen in the picture on the right side of the
    screen) motor cables are assembled and tested
1000W hot wire power supply, will heat up to 6 feet of wire.

Tapered cuts



Electronics - Fully Assembled and Tested - Option 1