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FoamLinx Technologies
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                                    For Sale

Selling your new - old foam equipment ?
Email us the description and pictures and we will post
them free of charge

Foam Cutting Business - turn key solution
Includes: Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter
Automatic coating machine
Lots of hand tools, saws, sprayers, cutters
Will train
Call Ron at 760-250 3177

EPS foam coater - EPS foam coating machine
Click here for pictures
Original price - $20,000
Used - $12,000 - fully assembled and ready to run
Templates not included
Shipping - $750 in the continental USA

Mesh Mate 2 - Used
Original price - $649
Used price - $400
Shipping - $100 in the continental USA
$300 if purchased with the EPS foam coater

CNC Router table - original price - $22,000
Used price - $13,500
Specs: 8' x 4' x 6"
Liquid cooled spindle - 3HP with 3/8" collett
NEMA32 steppers on all axis
Rack and pinion on X and Y axis, lead screw on Z axis
P4 with WinXP running Mach3 with license
17" flat screen monitor
Working - under power
Call for shipping and other questions


Hot Wire CNC Foam cutter FC5539 - SOLD
New price - $8000
Used price - $6500
This machine is used as a demo machine - it has about
20 hours of machining time - no scratches - looks new
Comes with PC and software - Monitor not included
Shipped almost fully assembled - assembly time is less then
one hour





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and packaging

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