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Specials on Sale

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        EPS foam Shredders and Compactors Densifier

Recycle scrap and unused EPS, XPS, Polyurethane and EPP foams

                                                 EPS Foam Compactor

                                           Turn EPS scrap foam

                                       into EPS logs 40:1 ratio

Compacted EPS blocks takes-up only 2% to 5% of the original space.
  Achieves a density in the range of 180kg/m to 250 kg/m.
  Compress log can be easily cut and pile up.
  With a pre-crusher for EPS boxes and packaging blocks.
  Compact and modular design.
  Affordable cost for faster return on investment.
  Suitable for all use, from small shop to big factory.
  Works with dirty or wet EPS material.
Model> CP100 CP180 CP250 CP370

Power              [KW]

2.2 3.2 7.5 11
Density            [LB/SF] 24-40 30-50 36-60 40-65
Throughput       [LB/h] 20-40 50-100 300-650 400-700
Feed Capacity  [SF/h] 20-50 50-120 150-350 350-600
Top Opening     [Inch] 14x18 16x24 20x29 24x34
Log Dimension  [Inch] 6x6 8x8 10x10 15x15
Dimension        [feet] 6x2x5 7x2x6 8x3x7 9x4x7

SF - Square Foot
LB - Pound

Also available for rent on a daily bases

EPS Foam Shredder
FSH1213 Front opening: 12" x 13" bead size: 9mm
    The FSH Foam shredder will shred EPS foam from 1LB to 2.5LB
    Foam densities to small beads.
    Have lots of unused EPS foam ? need to get rid of it or easy storage ?
    Keep it green with recycling your EPS foam.
    The shredded material can be used to mix with cement, place in
    beanies babies - or other toys and even Bean Cushion


                                        EPS Bean Cushion


Turn This

To This

    Power: 3x220V 3.5KW
    Weight: 450LBS
    Price: $4000

   Click here for video

PU-SH170: Polyurethane foam shredder
    The PU-SH170 shreds Polyurethane foams and Polyethylene  foams
    It will even shred foams with adhesive backing and also some fabrics
    The machine has a built in conveyor belt system to transport the foam
    into the shredding compartment. The conveyor belt speed can be
    set according to the speed needed.
    A blower / vacuum system removes the shredded material into a
    holding area (the holding area - silo system is not supplied)
    The shredded material can be re-bounded to manufacture new foam 
    or recycled



Turn this

To this

 Click here for the Video - Polyurethane material being shredded
   Video #2
   Video #3

    Power: 26KW - 3x220
    Particle size: Material dependent - 0.2" to 1.5"
    Material: Polyurethane (soft foam) and Polyethylene in different densities.
    Weight: 3500LBS
    Price: $16,500 (shipping not included)
    Delivery: 90 days
    Want to make sure this will shred your material ?
    Send us the sample material and we will shred it and send it back in 24

PE Foam Compactor:  AC-60

    The AC-60 compresses foam scrap into 6" x 6" brick or log, with densities
    up to 30/b/ft3. Unlike baling systems, no strapping is required, dust and
    debris are reduced, and the logs can be fed directly into most grinders or

    A typical compacting system, which may include a pre-shredder, can
    easily be paid for in less then one year, considering the typical costs of
    handling or disposing of foam scrap.
    Log lengths are adjustable from 8" to 48", making it possible to palletizing
    and ship the scrap affordably.

Turn this

Into This

Turn This

Into This




Crown Molding

70 shapes on one block of foam